Ensure Your Data is Safe

The Rising Threat of Ransomware

With the increasing success of  ransomware infections comes a greater focus by attackers on those businesses most vulnerable to data loss.

Small and medium-sized businesses are targeted more often by attackers due to the lower rates of prevention and backup solutions used by such companies.  A lack of prevention and backup makes businesses more likely to pay the ransom at any cost.

The Difficulty of Stopping Ransomware

No single solution is guaranteed to prevent ransomware attacks.  It is highly recommended that businesses implement a multilayered business data protection plan.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Protecting company data is essential to the ongoing operation to businesses of every size.  How would your company operate if it suddenly lost all access to its data? In the worst-case scenario how much would you pay to get your data back?

Don’t let your investment be with those who are holding your data for ransom. Start your data protection plan today.

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